Who are the 9 Queens?

Who are the 9 Queens?

Magic Queen

A mortal queen with a fiery soul was determined to brighten the world. She  dreams constantly of bringing color to those in the dark. Her intention was so strong that she ascended from human to magic.

Capable of anything, she chose to spend forever reviving hope. The Queen would visit those individuals at dark points in their lives, those who need a touch of passion. Souls she helped felt wonder when they most needed to keep believing in the world. 

The Magic queen entered a room like light through a half closed window. Tears sliding down tired cheeks would turn to sparkling jewels, then stop falling. Luminescence would surround little girls, young mothers, and wise women. A Queen’s voice would fill ears with reassurance. The voice spoke of the overlooked beauties in life. 

She is a queen made of magic and joy, a queen with energy so beautiful it couldn't be contained. She flows through the world; swirling inside every ruby, sapphire, emerald, crystal, and diamond, she is a living spark of joy.


Goddess of Enlightenment


Breathe in through the nose, Breathe out through the mouth.

The humidity in the air is tangible as it travels, pure divine energy. There is organic movement all around, eyes fluttering open, a Goddess refocuses her attention from the internal to the external.

Bird of Paradise plants perform a dance across the pool, the Goddess rises, she feels the Lotus flowers in the pool tap into the energy. She begins to dance.

Painting her body from one shape to another, her dance takes on an otherworldly quality as brilliant, metallic gold rings, necklaces and bangles dangle from her hands, neck, arms, ears, nose, lips, hair, tail, wings, every aspect of a self. She is balance and transcendence. Her energy shifts from serpent, to bird, to human, to angel, to feline, to canine. A conscious humming that possesses features of all forms. Iridescent black hair brushes elbows and flutters around wings. Wings expand, contract, and move through colors and textures as they dance. Skin shifts from gold to silver to red and back again. Pupiless, all-seeing eyes sparkle like polished diamonds. Arms change rhythmically from furred to scaled, to stone to feathered.

She is The Goddess of Enlightenment; untethered from any one form to instead embody them all. She is a soul, free, glowing, and beautiful, a current through which all earthly creatures thrive and express and connect.


Nature Queen

There is quiet, constant whispering.

A connecting consciousness between trees, flowers, fairies, elves, dryads, and ferns. All the flora and fauna of Earth touched by the magic of a single Queen.

A Queen of light and beauty. A Queen of growth and change, constantly helping, healing, and hoping on behalf of the forests, jungles, gardens, and deserts.

A Nature Queen in love with light and life itself as she is made of life and light itself. Incarnated in a form with deep cacao eyes designed to watch over the world; adorned in metal castings of her devoted flora, she observes nature, a living conduit.


Queen of the Seas

A Queen of the Seas gazes through a telescope on a ship. The ship glides as it sails through shimmering cerulean water. Steampunk glasses are swapped for a divers helmet and the queen jumps overboard. Pulling herself deep down the chain of the anchor, she waits. 

A second seaweed covered Queen with deep red scales swims from an ocean of dark blue magical mysteries to meet the first Queen. 

A Third Queen leaves a home of salty inland channels. Clad in pearls shimmering against her periwinkle skin; she heads for a cove; the others were waiting. 

Three faces of three queens representing the essence of the ocean. A Queen of underwater volcanic marvel travelling towards a rarely visited surface. A Queen made of gears mixed with flesh, a mechanized pirate forever patrolling the waves. A Queen of duality, of where water meets land, adorned in shells and sand. The third Queen seems full of sunlight even underwater.

How long has it been since they met? How long will they wait to meet again? Queens of the Seas are only called together from their eternity outside of time and space to protect the oceans of the Earth.


Viking Queen

Clink, Clink, Clink. Coins collide with each other sliding down a mountain of gold. Displaced by the boots of a Queen.

Reaching the top, a queen of battle and victory turns to behold an eternal burden. Dragons leap and dive through the sky in a dance of savage death over the heads of forceful warriors clawing at one another like cornered wolves.

Backed by an eternity of dark green more, the Queen took a deep breath, tasting the salt of a distant ocean.

The battle had raged since the beginning of time. The Queen, a guardian tasked with ensuring the violence didn't seep out of thoughts and manifest to consume the world. The Queen anticipated the time when her involvement was called for; when it was time to bring peace.

She lifted coal black eyes to the clouds. The fighting was reaching a peak, the energy shifted, the Viking Queen knew it was time.

The carved figures hanging from chains around her body clicked together as she shifted, bending knees with a canine preparation. 

To end destruction with destruction she exploded into a being of claws and teeth. 

A Queen of pure power, passion, and determination, she raged. 

Blood rained from the sky.

Snow Queen

The best picture of Infinity is a room where the walls, ceiling, and floor are all seamless gleaming mirrors.

In this room sit two women, almost perfect copies of each other. They sit and stare. One Queen is soft, a round face, milky skin, short curly hair, pale cornflower blue eyes. The other Queen is hard; sharp features, straight spine, cold eyes.

They are like mirrors themselves, each reflecting qualities of the other, but slightly reversed. Mirrors require something to reflect. The queens require each other. Snow cannot fall if ice does not form in the clouds.

Snow begins to fall in the mirror room, a piece of eternity dedicated to two queens, one with platinum hair and small rubies doting her temples, the other with grey eyes and crushed blue topaz sparkling on her cheekbones.

The soft queen hugs the hard queen and they once again decide fate.


Tribal Queen

A tail flicked, once, twice. A buzz filled the air and vines swayed in trees. Wildlife fed, slept, and fought. A Queen was still in the center of a triangular clearing; at the edges and points of the clearing stood strangers holding flames. It began. 

 The Queen stomped her heavily bangled left foot and the earth trembled. The Queen raised her arms and wind stirred. The Queen began to dance and the flames shot from raised hands to mirror her. They formed shapes in the air. Birds, lions, panthers, alligators, and snakes flickered as they twisted. The jangling of the Queens jewelry created beats that invaded the mind and warped reality. 

The dance reached a peak and the Queen stilled, then ran forward to dive into the earth. The earth became water and washed over the jungle. The monsoon had come and the world was to be made anew.


Egyptian Queen

Sunlight glinted off a solid gold collar, a smoldering, blood red diamond in the center. Heavily lined eyes opened lazily to reveal slitted pupils surrounded by red irises.

Explosive and lethal power contained in a relaxed shell. River palms waved back and forth as water slapped against a sandy bank. A Queen stood to stretch, her six foot tall, leath body swallowing energy.

Fabric swished as the Queen walked into the river, stopped at rib deep water, turned and fell back to be inhaled by death.   

A Queen burst through the surface to stand in darker water.

Starlight glinted off a desert oasis. Sand stretched for miles like a sea of twinkling black diamonds.

The queen stalked out of the pool; water dripping from gauze the only noise. An ornamented arm reached out to pluck a date from a palm and tossed it into the still air. The date landed between sharp, lengthened teeth as her form moved.

A Sphinx; she began to run. Thumping of clawed feet against dark sand, a queen ran through the eternity of the afterlife to pass time.


Galaxy Queen

A Queen made a decision; the rings of Saturn would sing.

A circular sheet of metal, a platform traveled through dark matter; the Queen aligned in lotus pose on it. A tall pewter collar was clasped across her chest.

Her eyes like galaxies themselves, stood out from her near transparent form. Extended, her hands faced the planet as if she were pressing against an imaginary wall. She moved her arms in a charged circle and gravity shifted. A Cosmic balance created, she moved from what would be named Saturn to what would be named Uranus to what would be named Neptune.

The Queen was crafting gravity and atmosphere.

The Galaxy Queen reached the edge of an unnamed galaxy, turned to behold her work, and moved on.


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