About the Queens

Queen's Gold Body Jewelry was born from a single mad thought in the head of Lisa Krikawa, the founder, designer and CEO of Krikawa Jewelry Designs (www.krikawa.com).

Lisa Krikawa, founder of Queen's Gold Body Jewelry

With over 20 years of creating custom wedding and engagement rings, the team at Krikawa was ready for a new challenge.  Lisa dreamed up collections of jewelry fit for every day queens, and wanted these collections to be comprehensive.  Meaning, full body jewelry as well as standard jewels.

Lisa Krikawa is an artist at heart.  With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she has never waivered from her desire to create works of art on a miniature scale.

Now, her talent and expertise is being brought to the world of body jewelry, so that everyone can express their true inner royalty.