Info for Piercing Studios

Interested in a new, high end line of body jewelry for your piercing studio?  Queen's gold is made to order from 9 collections, plus the Queen's Standards, which are the bread and butter items for your studio, such as seam rings, diamond and gemstone studs, and gemstone rings. 

Queen's Gold sells only to Piercing Studios and Body Shops.

Queen's Gold requires interested businesses to apply for an account on our website through our Wholesale Sign up. Once Queen's Gold receives your application we will review it and determine whether your account is approved and created. If your application is approved you will be given access to the Wholesale terms.

Those with accounts will also find that our pricing, Levels of Membership, which includes minimum buy in amounts, and provided Displays are revealed.

If you are interested in stone care for Soft or Porous gemstones click here to read about suggested care.